Sunflower Seeds
Personal Project The hidden beauty of sunflower seeds. The sunflower seed is a small but mighty seed. It is the most consumed nut in the world and typically one of those objects that we take for granted without ever considering how beautiful they actually are. Using new techniques offered by digital photography, I am able to zoom in extremely on the seeds. The smallest details, not even perceptible with the naked eye, are reproduced razor-sharp. This gives the seeds an unreal character and makes them appear much larger than they really are. If you see the photos of the seeds side by side, you will notice that each seed is unique and has its own identity.
Inside Out
Personal Project Photographic blueprints of sunflowers. The Sunflower. Totally worn out. And yet, different paths brought me again and again to that flower that has been the subject of art countless times. Perhaps it was for this very reason that I decided to take the sunflower as my subject for my exploration of new paths in the photographic process. A journey back to the craft. Looking for the unexpected again. An attempt to rediscover the magic of the photographic process. Being open to mistakes and being surprised by the results. And finding out that digital photography and analog printing techniques can reinforce each other. The prints are made in collaboration with Melanie van der Linde at Grafisch Atelier Hilversum.
A world of their own
Personal Project Small and seemingly insignificant, a button hides in our blind spot. When you have a closer look you will find out that they are a microcosmic representative of the universal.
Personal Project At once empty and strangely full. A sculptural exploration based on 3D representations of forms, grids and depth of field constructed through an interplay of mirrors and lights.
City Seeds
Personal project in collaboration with Thijs de Zeeuw and still in progress. City Seeds, for anyone willing to bend down to pick it up, the city is full of jewelry. In amsterdam in the year 2020, just a little more different plant species were found than on Texel, one of our most beautiful national parks. That may be because more botany enthusiasts live in Amsterdam, but it could also just be that the Dutch capital is phytologically more diverse in nature than our largest Wadden Island. The city is a landscape with a huge variety of weird nooks and crannies. There is an ideal niche in the city for every plant species. You could call these kinds of plants urbanophiles, lovers of the city. Plants that - like us - take advantage of the opportunities the city offers them. The opportunities we offer.
Personal Project This work investigates to what extent it is possible to show the contradiction of shutting off your immediate environment, but at the same time creating your own digital world in which everything is possible.
Origin of Things
Personal Project The search for the missing link in the theory of evolution and the search for water in space are sources of inspiration for this series. The origin of the objects or materials used is no longer important. I want the viewer to lose his concept of reality, let imagination take over and experience everyday environment in a different way.
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