Man with welding mask against a blue background next to a photograph of a snowy landscape evokes associations with an astronaut.
A broken light bulb whose original function and meaning are difficult to ascertain.
Hole in the asphalt with ice water in it, it is difficult to estimate how big this hole is.
Styrofoam spheres and a picture of oil in ice evoke associations with the Milky Way or another galaxy.
A pioneer sound box floats in the air and various hardware such as screws and bolts are attached to the magnetic field.
What do the objects we use tell about us? A look ahead to future archaeological excavations.
Countless raindrops fall into a pool of water. Water makes life possible on earth.
A stone found in the garden and then painted silver and photographed against a black background evokes associations with a huge asteroid.
Final exam photo project selected for an award will be exhibited here at the Nederlabds Fotomuseum in Rotterdam.

Nederlands Fotomuseum, Steenbergen Stipendium.

Louis Hartlooper Complex Utrecht.

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